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Pnr Status

If you are wandering to make a travel by train then it�s advisable that you may take a quick look of your PNR (Passenger Number Record) to know status of it. This ensures whether your ticket is confirmed, or if confirmed then in which train and in what coach. Its importance comes upon usually when you miss out to find a confirmed ticket and have to please with a waiting ticket. Travelling with an unconfirmed train ticket is besotted hassles. Therefore it becomes important for you to check PNR Status of your train ticket once before you set out for the railway station. It will give current status of your ticket confirmation. Apart from PNR status check we also provide shortest route finder, explore it to get shortest road route in India

PNR is Passenger Name Record. This happens to be a 10-digit number, which is written clearly on the top left corner of your railway tickets. When you enter your PNR number in the search box, you come to know the current STATUS of your Pnr. It results in a lot of information along as well. It tells you the seat number, coach number, journey date, boarding and destination. There are many different ways for PNR Status check. You can verify train PNR status at the railway station in the chart stick on notice board or from train clerk. But this is too when you reach station, in case you ticket does not confirm it turns problematic. If it�s an e-ticket then you are unable to board the train. Therefore, it�s considered better you may check the PNR Status of your tickets well in advance so that you may not face any trouble.

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